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What makes a Miracle League Field so special?

Fields are specifically designed for individuals with physical and cognitive challenges.  The rubberized surface of the fields makes them wheelchair accessible.  Bases and pitching mounds are painted on the surface so there are no raised obstacles as with a typical baseball field.  The dugout area is large enough to accommodate wheelchairs and other adaptive equipment. 

Who can play in the Miracle League of the 805?

Players aged five to 100 who have physical and/or cognitive challenges are eligible to play.   Our coaches and buddies work to make games adaptable to the needs of each player.  Players are teamed according to their ability rather than age, so teams may consist of youth and adult players.

Do players have to live in Ventura County to play in the league?

No.  All are welcome to play no matter where they reside.  

What if a player has never played baseball before?

Any differently abled individual who has the desire to play baseball is welcome.  Staff will adapt the game to the player’s ability.  Some players may hit off a tee, and some may hit balls thrown by a pitcher. Each player has a volunteer “Buddy” to maintain the player’s safety and to offer as much or as little assistance as the player needs. 

What should players wear?  What kind of shoes?  Is any baseball equipment needed?

Each player will receive a team-sponsored jersey and baseball cap in the Spring season and a team t-shirt and baseball hat in the Fall season. Players can wear any pants that are comfortable to play in.  Sneakers or tennis shoes should be worn rather than cleats since cleats can damage the rubberized surface of the field.  A player may bring their glove, but bats and batting helmets are provided by the league.  All player-owned equipment should be labeled with the player’s name.

How much does it cost to play?

Thanks to the generosity of our amazing sponsors, we can keep our Registration fees for the league at $35 for the Spring season and $25.00 for the Fall season

What happens after I register my player for Miracle League of the 805?

All players and/or parents will be contacted by email with information as the season gets closer!

What if a player cannot attend a scheduled game?

Please let your coach know as soon as possible if you cannot attend on a scheduled game day.

questions about registration?

please contact president, rick pena at